Dust Control Systems

BC-BAF Industrial


Product Description

The BC/BAF series of fans are designed to provide very efficient, non-overloading operation over a wide airflow range. The BC is a backwardly inclined flat blade design. Applications include dust collectors, dryers, aeration of products or applications where the airstream contains minor contamination. The BAF is a premium effecient airfoil fan design. BAF fans are excellent for clean air applications such as dehydrating and ventilation.

Product Information

Capacities from 3,000 – 150,000 cfm Full welded carbon steel construction Flanged inlet and outlet 230/460/60/3 TEFC motor V-belt drive with 1.5 service factor Class III wheel Spherical roller bearings Safety blue belt and shaft guards Standard metal preparation Primed and painted industrial white enamel

Class IV wheels available Special paints and coatings Available in arrg. 1, 8, or 9 (9 shown) Explosion proof motors available

Product Manuals