Temperature Monitoring Systems



Product Description

  • The BCS 1000 system runs on Windows.
  • The Automatic OHM reading feature tells the operator which temperature cables need repair or replacement and specifically where the problem exists.
  • The BCS 1000 system is compatible with nearly all existing remote switching systems.
  • Read pre-selected cables at pre-selected time intervals.
  • Print out shows all cables that have exceeded the maximum rise and/or hi-limit alarm set point.
  • For off-time reading, select a time for reading and print out the temperature upon arrival each morning.
  • Choose the number of historical readings you wish to save, up to 100.
  • The Note Pad area for each cable lets the operator keep specific information such as commodity type, moisture, etc… for each bin.
  • Define your own temperature colors to be associated with various temperature and alarm conditions.
  • With optional 3D graphics software package you can display entire facility or specific bins and rotate the display on a vertical and horizontal axis for full vision of all temperature conditions. It’s like having x-ray vision to see directly into the heart of your grain storage.


Minimum System Component Requirements:

PC & Operating System:

  • Windows 7 or above
  • 1 GB of Memory
  • 100 MB of Disk Space
  • Network Interface Card 10/100 MB/Ethernet Port

We do not currently support Macintosh / Windows Vista or earlier


  • Monitor
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse or pointing device
  • Printer
  • Ethernet cable (CAT 5E)
  • USB to serial converter

The computer & associated equipment, (Printers, etc.) are sensitive to dust & should be in an indoor location.

In order to properly support your hardware you must provide Boone Cable Works & Electronics, Inc. with the following information about your computer system.

  1. Computer Make & Model
  2. Operating Systems (Windows XP etc)
  3. Type of Processor (Intel or AMD)
  4. Does computer have an available PCI slot?
  5. Dedicated Com. Port, specify (25 or 9) Pin.
  6. Network Interface card?

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