Hazard Monitoring Systems

BTA Hazard Monitor


Product Description

  • Capacity of 256 bearing and belt alignment temperature sensors.
  • The BTA system is compatible with all systems using Type “T” thermocouple sensors.
  • Alarm points can be individually set by the operator. Two individual high-limit variable set points and one rise above ambient (delta) set point for each sensor.
  • System can utilize probe or surface style bearing sensors as well as a full range of brass styles for belt alignment.
  • System integrity checked with the automatic OHM reading feature.
  • Boone shielded thermocouple wire is used on all new systems to ensure accuracy.
  • Temperatures can be downloaded to either a printer or PC.
  • Either Fahrenheit or Celsius scales can be selected from the instrument.
  • An 85 dB. audible alert signal is provided on the instrument.
  • Dry relay contacts are provided to attach an external alarm signal.
  • New bright crystal clear display shows location, temperature and set points.
  • The BTA also works well for Hazard Monitoring and Preventative Maintenance applications in many other industrial venues where safety and down time are critical.

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