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Product Description

The BTX Smart Monitor combines Rolfes@Boone’s decades of
hazard monitoring experience along with the latest technology
and a versatile, scalable, and reliable commercial platform.
Featuring an intuitive touch screen graphic display backed
by robust PLC technology and functionality, the BTX Smart
Monitor will empower your grain or feed facility to stay one
step ahead of equipment hazards.

Product Information

∘ Wired or wireless capabilities
∘ Intuitive HMI touch screen with graphic display
∘ Visual & audible alarms
∘ Mobile visual monitoring & alarm text notification
∘ Time-stamped event log & resolution
∘ History log of alarms

∘ Nearly unlimited number of sensing points
∘ Easily scalable & expandable
∘ Easily adaptable to other PLC platforms
∘ PLC can be used with your systems network
∘ Continuous diagnostic health check
∘ Run-time sensor tracking for maintenance support
∘ Remote access for troubleshooting
∘ Programmable maintenance alarms
∘ BTX Mobile App now available!

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