Aeration Systems

Flush Floor Ducting


Product Description

For your flush floor aeration systems, Boone Aeration & Environmental offers two separate hardware packages for installation. In cast concrete floor channel, system packages are available for all bin diameters.

Based on your type and volume of grain and desired moisture levels, Boone Aeration & Environmental aeration experts can recommend a standard system or fit a custom installation to fit your needs. Each system is sized specifically for your needed air volume and depth of grain.

Corrugated Cut Sheets

Installed with sheet supports to make up your complete duct system. They’re designed to withstand the weight of grain and pedestrian traffic in the bin. These sheets are 14 gauge galvanized steel and perforated for passage of air through your grain.

Welded Steel Grating

When your operation uses end loaders or heavy equipment to handle the grain inside your bin, install rugged steel grating in place of corrugated sheets. When covered with perforated flat steel sheets, these give a permanent heavy-duty floor duct system.

Product Information

Corrugated Cut Sheets
14 gauge galvanized steel
Welded Steel Grating
Permanent heavy-duty floor duct system

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