Temperature Monitoring Systems

KT Multiplexer


Product Description

KT Multiplexer Features:

  • The KT uses a parallel binary logic that lends itself easily to interfacing with Programmable Logic Controllers and many other controllers.
  • The KT Multiplexer easily adapts to most existing temperature systems for add-on or renovation.
  • Each switch is designed with plug-in components for ease of maintenance.
  • Standard switch made from heavy gauge steel with baked enamel finish.
  • Optional 304 Stainless steel enclosures available for salt laden atmospheres.
  • Positive contact precious metal relay switching gives greater reliability and is more durable than solid state switching.
  • When control relays are open there is no way to turn on another switch to give false reading.
  • The KT enclosure has a seperate splice compartment from the electronics, sealed with an epoxy barrier to ensure that the switching remains in a clean, dust and moisture free environment.
  • All of the relay contacts and the card edge connections are made from gold for reliable low level switching.
  • Card edge connections are bifurcated and have a positive lock connection to ensure excellent contact even in high vibration conditions.

Product Information

17″ H x 16″ W x 8.25″ D

24 Cables or 504 TC’s


12 VDC @ 1/2 AMP

Parallel Binary Logic

TC Type
Type T

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