Dust Control Systems

LP Reverse Air Filters


Product Description

The LP series of top-bag removal bag-houses is the premium choice for the grain and processing industry. The smooth air cleaning technology completely purges each bag once per minute using the fewest moving parts of an type of filter on the market today. The totality of the bag cleaning system consists of a rotating reverse air arm and a direct drive centrifugal fan all mounted in the clean-air top walk-in plenum. No belts, solenoid values, diaphragms valves, pressure switches, pumps, pressure tanks, timing mechanisms or other moving parts.

In addition, this unit features tool-less top bag removal, making a messy and tedious job as simple and quick as possible.

Product Information

Sizes from 5,000 cfm to 100,000 cfm 10 ga. carbon steel construction 7 ga. tubesheet Stiffened to handle 17 Internal sweep arm cleaning mechanism Explosion proof fan and drive motors Aluminum fan wheel Magnehelic gauge 0-10 Flanged inlet, outlet, and body Galvanized bag cages 16 oz. singed polyester filter bags 60 degree hopper with 11/4 NPT coupling for high level indicator Hopper access panel Easy-lift lifting ears Standard metal preparation Primed and painted

Support legs Catwalk and access ladder Explosion relief panel(s) Hi level indicator Photohelic gauge 0-10 Special filter bag materials Stainless steel construction Special paints or coatings Live-bottom assembly

Product Manuals