Dust Control Systems

VSD Pulse Jet


Product Description

The VSD series of bin vent pulse jet filters is an excellent method to vent silos being filled by pneumatic systems or from bulk trucks. The units are available in two styles and are often equipped with the optional integral direct drive blower. The blower will provide vacuum for silos that may not be sealed. Applications include feed, ingredients, flour, chemicals, and cement.

Product Information

Sizes from 100 cfm to 8,500 cfm 12 ga. carbon steel construction Stiffened to handle 17″ SPWC 120 V timer board in NEMA 4 enclosure Goyen diaphragm values Compressed air header with drain Magnehelic gauge 0-10 Flanged inlet, outlet, and body High performance bag venturies Galvanized bag cages 16 oz. singed polyester filter bags Stainless steel bag clamps

Catwalk and access ladder Explosion relief panel(s) Photohelic gauge 0-10 Special filter bag materials Stainless steel construction Special paints or coatings Fan mounted on top or side NEMA 9 electrical

Product Manuals