BAC Aeration Controller


The Low Cost Alternative For Automated Aeration Control Simple-Inexpensive-Reliable Automatic Or Manual Operation Equilibrium Charts For Different Commodities (Mounted Inside Cover) Provides Quick Reference The Standard Hour Meter RecordsThe Running Time High And Low Humidistats Lets Operator Dial In Humidity That Is Best For Your Grain The Twin Thermostats Allow Operator To Set The High […]



Silencers are installed on the inlet for positive pressure systems and on the discharge for negative pressure systems. They muffle the annoying loud shrill created by the tip speed of the wheel to a tolerable level in most cases. The units are designed with sufficient cross-sectional area to eliminate static loss through the unit. No […]

Aeration Ducts


For Vertical Storage in Hoppered & Flat Bottom Bins For effective aeration in hoppered or flat bottom storage bins, install Boone Aeration & Environmental full-round or half-round duct systems. All Boone Aeration & Environmental duct is prefabricated in standard lengths for assembly in your vertical storage bins with a complete line of installation hardware. Trained […]

Flush Floor Ducting


For your flush floor aeration systems, Boone Aeration & Environmental offers two separate hardware packages for installation. In cast concrete floor channel, system packages are available for all bin diameters. Based on your type and volume of grain and desired moisture levels, Boone Aeration & Environmental aeration experts can recommend a standard system or fit […]

Roof Exhausters

GSE24 Exhauster

Efficient Temperature & Moisture Control Boone Aeration & Environmental roof exhausters help your aeration fans effectively control grain spoilage in storage bins with flat or pitched roofs. These high volume fans produce the effective sweeping action needed to reduce condensation on top of your grain. For best operation, exhausters should run continuously while aeration fans […]

In-Line Centrifugal Fans

Inline Centrifugal Fan

Boone Aeration & Environmental offers a complete line of in-line centrifugal fans. These fans offer the centrifugal fan wheel with its high pressure capabilities, in an economical tubular housing. These fans make a good choice when more pressure is required than what an axial fan can deliver, but economy is also a requirement. Boone in-line […]

Axial Flow Fans


The airfoil propellers for the Boone Aeration & Environmental Tubeaxial Fans are designed and engineered for absolute maximum air delivery. They are cast of heavy duty, shatter resistant aluminum alloy. Each propeller is statically and dynamically balanced and secure to the motor shaft with a unique self-locking feature…all models, 18 inches or larger, are fastened […]

Centrifugal Fans

Centrifugal Fan

Boone Aeration & Environmental high-pressure Centrifugal fans are ideal for situations involving temporary wet grain holding, deep storage, or where ever high static pressures are required. Ten gauge or heavier steel housing and non-overloading, vibration-proof fan wheels make Boone Aeration & Environmental grain aeration fans TOUGH. When these features are combined with low power consumption […]