Inventory Control Systems

ITX Inventory Control


Product Description

Real-Time Data
∘ Uses cutting edge and reliable radar technology
∘ Updates anytime, anywhere with mobile and web based app
∘ Manages mulitple locations from one easy to use app
∘ Quickly generates historical reports and live data

∘ Safety – No more climbing on top of bins
∘ Simplifies your inventory process – saving time and money
∘ Automated level alerts for all storage at all locations
∘ Contact free operation
∘ Instantly view inventory on a mobile phone or tablet
∘ Color coded levels for at-a-glance status checks
∘ Improves inventory accuracy for better facility management
∘ Helps eliminate human error

∘ Radars offer the best technology
for accurate and reliable
∘ Precise measurements for
detailing exact height of level bulk
or liquid inventory
∘ Accurate real time readings based
on grain pile formation

Product Information

Product Manuals

ITX Info Sheet - Digital