All leadwire is manufactured in the USA to meet or exceed industry standards. All types are: UV Stabilized NON-Hygroscopic Vinyl Outer Jacket 26 ga. – Color-Coded Available in the following sizes: LWI-6 – 6 Sensing Points Maximum LWI-8SH – 8 Sensing Point Maximum Shielded LWI-12 – 12 Sensing Point Maximum LWI-18 – 18 Sensing Points Maximum LWI-18SH – 18 Sensing […]

Temperature Cable


Type “T” Thermocouples Many types of metals are used for thermocouples in various applications; however, copper and constantan are the most practical type for temperatures below 600 Degrees F. The Constantan is an alloy approximately 57% copper and 43% nickel along with the junction of copper is called a type T thermocouple. All of the […]

KT Multiplexer


KT Multiplexer Features: The KT uses a parallel binary logic that lends itself easily to interfacing with Programmable Logic Controllers and many other controllers. The KT Multiplexer easily adapts to most existing temperature systems for add-on or renovation. Each switch is designed with plug-in components for ease of maintenance. Standard switch made from heavy gauge […]

KF-100 Portable


KF 100 Features: Clear easy to read LCD display even in bright sunlight. Completely self contained. Reads from 1 – 18 thermocouples per cable. Internal temp compensator for cold weather accuracy. Use with all type “T” thermocouple cables in steel bins, concrete bins, flat storage buildings, Muskogee buildings, outside piles, and silos.

KF-300 Portable


Attractive, Rugged, Convenient, & Accurate Clear easy to read LCD display with adjustable backlight. The Model KF 300 is compatible with nearly all existing portable systems. Memory download capabilities greatly increase the speed of reading temperatures. No hand written logs, eliminates the chance of transcription errors. Automatic OHM/Resistance reading feature allows for fast and easy […]



The BCS 1000 system runs on Windows. The Automatic OHM reading feature tells the operator which temperature cables need repair or replacement and specifically where the problem exists. The BCS 1000 system is compatible with nearly all existing remote switching systems. Read pre-selected cables at pre-selected time intervals. Print out shows all cables that have […]

KTX Wireless


KT Wireless Features: Multiple Switch Monitoring Reliable Wireless Connections Communication Up To 10 Miles Experienced Technical Service Courteous-Professional Staff Easy To Understand Software Text and 3D Graphics At-A-Glance Alarms PLC & MOD Bus Compatible Longest Continuous Service In The Industry Always Leading The Competition We Stand Behind Our Products With A 1 Year Guarantee