FT Rotary Airlocks


The BAEC FT series airlock is an excellent choice for most dust filter and cyclone applications. The flexible tip design allows the airlock to handle stringy or fibrous products that jam other types of airlocks. Typical materials include paper, wood products, animal feed and other agricultural products. The flex tip material is also excellent in […]

RBO-RBA Industrial


The RBO/RBA series of fans are excellent choices for many industrial applications. The RBO is an open type radial paddle wheel design and is extremely rugged. Applications include coarse materials, sawdust, sticky products or other abrasive materials. The RBA is an efficient modified radial fan design. RBA fans are excellent for relatively clean air containing […]

BC-BAF Industrial


The BC/BAF series of fans are designed to provide very efficient, non-overloading operation over a wide airflow range. The BC is a backwardly inclined flat blade design. Applications include dust collectors, dryers, aeration of products or applications where the airstream contains minor contamination. The BAF is a premium effecient airfoil fan design. BAF fans are […]

VSD Pulse Jet


The VSD series of bin vent pulse jet filters is an excellent method to vent silos being filled by pneumatic systems or from bulk trucks. The units are available in two styles and are often equipped with the optional integral direct drive blower. The blower will provide vacuum for silos that may not be sealed. […]

FSD Pulse Jet Filters


The FSD series of pulse jet filters are an economical and popular choice. The filter media is cleaned by short pulses of compressed air controlled by a programmable solid state timer. The side door removal of filter media allows the FSD to be installed in areas with limited headroom. Applications include wood chip and sawdust, […]

FTD Pulse Jet Filters


The FTD series of top door pulse jet filter is the first choice of larger operations. The top door service of filter media allows complete maintenance to be performed from the exterior of the filter. The unit is also constructed with a full walk in plenum for areas of inclement weather or round the clock […]

LP Reverse Air Filters


The LP series of top-bag removal bag-houses is the premium choice for the grain and processing industry. The smooth air cleaning technology completely purges each bag once per minute using the fewest moving parts of an type of filter on the market today. The totality of the bag cleaning system consists of a rotating reverse […]